Here you will find answers to some commonly asked questions.

How does REMEDYNE work?

The software is an Add-On to your SAP ERP system, i.e. it extends SAP standard functionality and is fully integrated – like a patch. REMEDYNE is developed in ABAP and is SAP-certified.
No extra servers or other software components are required and the software can be installed and used within 30 minutes.
The REMEDYNE checks are background jobs that continuously scan master data and business transactions and create red flags based on rules. We ship a set of standard checks and customers can customize them and add their own checks.

How is my data protected?

Finding fraud and errors requires reading sensitive data in the SAP ERP system (e.g. material master data, bank and payment details etc.). REMEDYNE reads such data in the SAP ERP system and uses it for real-time data analytics. It does not copy the data or store it somewhere else (we are not a cloud solution and don’t require new servers, data extraction, etc.).
All data remains completely in the SAP ERP system and is protected by the SAP security mechanisms.
When REMEDYNE detects an unusual issue, an alert is created. The alert contains data that helps identifying and analyzing the issue. All alerts and corresponding data are also stored in the SAP ERP system (tables in the SAP database).
Access to REMEDYNE functions and data is protected by special authorization objects and users need new SAP authorization roles to use REMEDYNE and its data. Template roles shipped with REMEDYNE are for users and administrators (roles /rem/user and /rem/admin).

What is the risk installing and running REMEDYNE in my SAP ERP system?

REMEDYNE is installed as an Add-On, that means it complies with SAP standards and conventions for ABAP packaging and deployment and adhere to SAP’s best practices guidelines for software development. REMEDYNE code and objects are in a reserved namespace (e.g. /REM/), REMEDYNE only reads data stored in SAP or customer tables (no updates), and integration with SAP ERP has been tested by SAP. REMEDYNE is SAP-certified and we are an SAP software and technology partner.

What is different from other solutions?

Several vendors (e.g. SAP GRC Process Controls, SAP Fraud Management, IDEA, ACL) have solutions that enable auditing or monitoring data from SAP systems. To our knowledge, only REMEDYNE offers an Add-On that is fully integrated with SAP ERP and lives inside the SAP system. All other solutions are business warehouse solutions where data is extracted into another system and analyzed there. There are several advantages following the Add-On approach:
• REMEDYNE can be installed and used very easily: no extra servers are required, the solutions is one software component in SAP ERP. Therefore we believe no other solution can be implemented and used as easy, fast and cost effective as REMEDYNE.
• Real-time monitoring, 100% automated: other solutions can be customized to extract data from SAP ERP in regular intervals. REMEDYNE is designed and optimized to leverage the real-time processing capabilities of SAP ERP and offers unprecedented capabilities in monitoring transactions fully automated. REMEDYNE is not a tool that supports audits or makes data extraction easier – but it is a complete layer of oversight added to the business data and transactions, without any manual activities. Auditors and analysts only deal with red flag issues and can focus on those investigations.
• Built-in know-how: based on experience and our own research we have defined many checks that work out of the box. You don’t have to be a data analytics expert to use REMEDYNE, and there is no implementation/consulting project to start using it.
• Integrated case management, data archive: all alerts start workflows that help to resolve the issues. All actions are logged, additional information can be entered, and all alerts are archived after a decision has been made (to approve or reject the flagged transaction). Based on the history of alerts, additional insight can be gained, such as finding correlations between business partners and employees etc.
• In our case management, you have access to additional information required for the investigation. E.g. if a vendor ID is in an alert, you can double click on that ID and drill down to its master data. All information is available at a mouse-click with no need to log into other systems.
• Security: no data is replicated, and the SAP security model in your SAP ERP system is protecting all your data. There are no exports on file shares or 3rd party databases with different security levels than your SAP ERP system. REMEDYNE offers full activity monitoring within the tool, each configuration change, action on an alert etc. is logged.

What means role-based access to alerts and workflows

REMEDYNE can be used by auditors and the business. With role-based access management and integrated workflows, users can have access to defined areas of the tool, such as single checks or data for certain company codes. Business users can review data and gain insights into errors, inefficiencies, and compliance violations in their business area, and use this feedback to improve processes and controls. Audit ensures the tool is used and the control is effective. Audit also can do analysis of data at any time, both checking alerts for individual transactions and changes, and reviewing aggregated information to detect risk areas and weaknesses in processes.

Is there a web frontend for the solution?

REMEDYNE’s integrated approach means you have access to all functions and data from your SAP GUI.
We have developed a UI5 frontend that features responsive web-design and allows users to access alerts on most web-enabled devices. The UI5 frontend is not part of the licensed software package but can be implemented in a consulting project

How can I Install REMEDYNE and test it?

The SAP basis team performs the installation of REMEDYNE by importing an Add-On or transport.
Users that will use the software need new SAP authorization roles to access REMEDYNE transactions and data. We ship template roles for REMEDYNE users and administrators, respectively. Administrators also require authorizations to schedule background jobs.
After installation, the tool has a default configuration that can be used for immediate tests. A REMEDYNE administrator will activate checks (transaction /rem/admin) and after a few minutes alerts can be reviewed in the case management system (transaction /rem/alerts).

Can I get a trial?

We offer trials of our software. You will get the full version of the software without functional restrictions and can test it for two weeks.
Setting up the trial is easy and straightforward: contact us and schedule a 2-hour workshop to install the software, get an overview on its functionality, and run a test. You get results immediately within the workshop.

When an alert is created, does REMEDYNE also stop the bogus/erroneous business transaction?

No: alerts and the case management are reporting tools. No transaction is stopped or business data altered by the REMEDYNE software. REMEDYNE has read-only access to business data.
And Yes: since release REMEDYNE 2.0 auto-reaction methods can be defined that are triggered when an alert is created, approved, or rejected. This requires to define auto-reaction methods and is not the default behavior of the software but can be enabled.

How does REMEDYNE impact performance of the SAP system?

We have optimized the checks so that the performance impact is minimal. The impact depends on how many monitored transactions are executed in the SAP system and how many master data sets have to be checked, how the background checks are executed, and parameters for the checks.
Our customers have not experienced any significant performance impact that would require changing SAP system parameters or even upgrading the system.
REMEDYNE checks perform incremental data analysis for transactional data.
Analyzing transactions for extended periods, e.g. executing all checks and analyze all data for the last twelve months, can be done during normal operations.

Can I customize the checks and add my own checks?

Yes. All checks have parameters that can be used to adjust them to your policy or settings. New checks can be derived from existing checks and plugged into our framework that executes the checks and manages the alerts.

How do we deploy the solution in our system landscape?

We recommend using a 3-tier system landscape with development, test, and production. The development system can be used to define settings and own checks. Settings can be transported to other systems by download/upload. The test system should have data that is similar to the production data and can be used to verify settings and check performance.

Can we monitor several SAP systems with REMEDYNE?

REMEDYNE can be deployed on several SAP systems and you can synch alert data to one system to have central reporting.
REMEDYNE also can be deployed in more than one client per SAP system. Cross-client reporting works out of the box (only cross-system reporting requires some implementation). The REMEDYNE configuration is client-dependent.